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Workable enhances hiring as new Indeed Platinum Partner

Workable is now a Platinum Partner in Indeed's ATS Partnership Program, granting its users access to exclusive resources and tools to boost recruitment efforts. With integrations like Indeed Apply and Sponsored Jobs, Workable users can now enjoy increased job visibility, simplified application processes, and targeted candidate searches for optimal hiring results.

As a part of Workable’s approach to partnering with the best of breed in each of our adjacent partnership categories, we’ve deepened our relationship with Indeed.

Workable is now recognized by Indeed as a Platinum Partner in their recently launched ATS Partnership Program – meaning that of the 400 ATS integrations that Indeed has, Workable has one of the strongest integrations with their technology.

As a Platinum Partner, Workable users now have access to exclusive resources and tools that will boost their recruitment efforts and get them closer to the hire. This includes Workable user access to integrations such as:

  • Indeed Apply
  • Candidate Sync
  • Indeed Sponsored Jobs
  • Disposition Data

This all helps increase job performance and visibility, simplify the application process, and target the most relevant candidates.

You’ll also have access to more data analytics, industry insights and recruiting best practices, all of which you can utilize to boost your hiring strategies.

Two features of this partnership stand out:

Our Indeed Apply integration provides a candidate-friendly application experience on Indeed — boosting applications by up to four times. The Indeed Apply integration also means job postings stand out in search results and reduce cost-per-apply costs by 20% for sponsored jobs.

Also, our Sponsored Jobs integration promotes your job postings on Indeed, increasing the likelihood of hire by 4.5 times. With data-driven matching technology built on 17+ years of hiring data and job seeker insights, Sponsored Jobs promotes your jobs to candidates who are most likely to apply — helping you attract top-caliber candidates. Sponsoring a job on Indeed also ensures you reach a diverse and high-intent audience to expand your pool of quality applicants.

Overall, Indeed is visited by millions of people every month who are looking for jobs, and through our Platinum partnership, we can ensure that job postings published via Workable receive even more visibility and attract an even richer pool of candidates.

As an expert in recruitment and staffing solutions, we know the challenges that companies face when it comes to finding and attracting the right employees. We understand the importance of being agile and proactive in our recruitment strategies, and this new partnership will allow us to do just that.

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