In some cases, you can have problem when you try to configure Windows Server Essentials role. When you start configuration wizard, you could get error message:

Configuration encountered some issues. Please click retry. If the issue still exist please refer to the help link for more troubleshooting steps.



The error message is too general and it is practically impossible to understand what is wrong. If is your Windows Server Essentials promoted to domain controller without wizard (that is possible, but wizard must be started in order to complete the installation process) and you have plan to migrate from SBS, at the first place you need to check if they are all FSMO roles hosted on the server where you are trying to install the Essentials role. If it is OK, you need to check Event Viewer, and probably you will find error logs 7000 and 7041. This means that the account that runs Windows Server Essentials Management Service (usually is ServerAdmin$ or MediaAdmin$), doesn’t have Log on as a Service rights.

Go to services and check name of account which is responsible for  Windows Server Essentials Management Service. From GPMC, open Default Domain Controller Policy and add missing account to Log on as Service right in “Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment”. Close the console and restart the server. When the server start again and apply group policy, you will be able to configure successfully Essentials role.


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