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HR Toolkit

HR’s about people, not paperwork. So we’ve nailed the bulk of the admin for you. Pick what you need—job description, email template, company policy or practical tips on a task that’s new. Then get back to what matters—finding, hiring and developing great talent.

Get ahead with our 1000+ HR templates

Don't start from scratch. Prepped, primed and good-to-go, our 1000+ HR templates give pace to your process. So, whether it’s labor law research for a company policy or SEO-optimization for a job description, we’ve got you covered.

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HR tutorials for hands-on help

If hiring’s the answer, what’s the question? With HR, it could be anything from: “How do I post on FB?” to “What company policies should I put in writing?” Get some help! Our tutorials cover everything under the HR sun, so you can shine light on what you need in a click.

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Talk the talk with our guide to HR terms

Spooked out by employee ghosting? Seeing red when it comes to Google X-Ray? HR terms evolve fast and often. Whether you’re new to HR or a seasoned specialist, keep pace with our growing HR glossary.

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