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Podcast episode #14: Mental Health at work — fostering a healthier workplace culture

As the widely-predicted "Great Resignation" looms ahead, candidates are in search of a healthier workplace culture. Hear from a panel of experts to learn how top brands are fostering an attractive workplace culture to win and retain top talent.

The Big Quit is upon us – and many workers are citing burnout as a factor in why they’re done with the current system. This means the onus is on employers to think about a healthier workplace – not just physically, but mentally as well – if they want to attract and retain employees.

In this episode, learn from a panel of experts on how top brands – including Hubspot, Ten Percent Happier, and Hologra – are fostering a mentally healthy workplace in order to win and retain top talent.

Prioritize mental health in the workplace

Employee mental health is a top priority in 2022. Learn from 1,300 workers what that looks like for them.

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