This is a first post in “How to install” series. I will show you how to install SQL Server 2016, ie. how I like to install SQL Server, and for this purpose I will use SQL Server 2016 Enterprise edition.

  • At the first place, hardware need to be prepared before installation. This means that the disks for data and logs must be formatted properly. Data disks at 64k cluster size and log disk at least 8k. Every time when I have to install SQL Server, I like to use 4 disks. SQL Home for SQL installation data, Data for SQL databases, Log for database logs and TempDB for temporary database and logs.



  • From installation media, run setup.exe as Administrator.



  • When the SQL Server Installation Center starts, select Installation and click on New SQL Server stand-alone installation.




  • Enter product key and accept the license terms.




  • Let installation to check about possible updates (install everything what is needed) and install setup files.



  • Pay attention about Windows Firewall rules. Installation will warn you about that, but rule will not be created automatically.



  • Select features which you need and select root directory for instance installation. I will install Database Engine Services and Client Connectivity Tools, and install on E drive.



  • Define instance name or use default instance.



  • Leave default service account or use previously created dedicated service account (I prefer second option), and select default collation for SQL Server.




  • Select authentication mode, define password for SA account if you want to use mixes authentication and define default Administrator.



  • Define default data, log, backup and tempDB directories.




  • If you get this screen, job is done 🙂



Now you have functional SQL Server. In next tutorials, you will learn how to manage SQL Server.

To be continued . . .

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