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In this post, I will show you how to install Exchange 2016 CU4. Installing process in pretty simple, but some prerequisites need to be met.

  • Prepare Active Directory
  • Install Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA) 4.0

If you forget to do that, Exchange installation wizard will stop installation process after checking prerequisites, and show you what are recommended steps.

*NOTE: In this installation, I will install and configure new Exchange organization without any previous installed Exchange servers.

At the first step, after running setup.exe from installation media, you need check and install possible updates. (that is recommended action)



At the next step, setup will be initialized and starting to prepare for installation.



After setup initialization, installation can start. You need to Accept License Agreement and select (or not) recommended settings.



Next step is selecting Exchange roles for installing, location and organization name. Exchange 2016 have only Mailbox role, which now include CAS and Hub roles. Also, you can select “Automatically install Windows Server roles and features that are required to install Exchange Server”, and all needed roles will be installed and configured during Exchange installation.



At this step, you will decide that you want to disable or enable Malware protection.


After this step, wizard will start readiness check, and give you information about prerequisites.



In this case, I have not installed UMCA 4.0 and also have not start Active Directory preparation. You can see that I have one error (missed UCMA 4.0) and two warnings. Although these stuff are important for Exchange installation, I have to install only UCMA 4.0. Exchange installation will automatically prepare Active Directory during installation, and you don’t need to run setup.exe /PrepareAD command manually, if you forgot.



After installing UCMA 4.0 and re-check prerequisites, Exchange installation can start.



After completed installation, reboot machine and start playing with Exchange Server 2016. 🙂

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