Once you have prepared the infrastructure for backing up Hyper-V VMs to Azure using MABS, that is explained in one of previous posts, you just need to create Protection Group.

As a first step, you need to open Protection blade and click to New, if you want to create new protection group.

Then, you need to select do you want to create protection group for servers or clients. In this scenario, you need server. You will be able to see all servers that MABS agent is installed. You can choose between backing up complete Hyper-V server or just some VMs.

In next steps, you need to define what type of backup you need. Short-term protection using disk is mandatory, but although you can uncheck online protection, you can decide to use Azure Backup because this function :). So, you need both check-boxes checked. Also, you need to define retention for short-term protection and location (disk that is created and named earlier).

On this step, you need to define how replica will be copied to local disks. Automatically is always better option 🙂 Also, you need to define when consistency check will be started.

Once you have configured all details for short-term retention, you need to define online protection. What needs to be select for online protection, online protection schedule and retention.


At the end, you need to select when initial copy will be transferred to cloud. On the last page, check what is configured and create Protection Group.

Now, you can say that you have configured MABS for backing up Hyper-V VMs.


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