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In one of previous posts, we have covered installation of MABS. Now, we need to configure MABS to backup Hyper-V virtual machines. Before we start with creation Protection Group (a.k.a. Backup Job) we need to add dedicated disk for backing up. This is important, because MABS still works in Disk-Disk-Cloud model. Another important task is adding Hyper-V server to MABS as source for backups.

Let’s start with adding disk. In management blade, you can see that Disk Storage is empty. You just need to click and new wizard will open.

Then, you need to select disk that you want to use as temporary disk for backups. You will be warned that disk will be formatted.

Once the disk is added, you can change disk name. Although disk is not visible in Windows as drive with letter, if you add more that one disk that will be useful later during creating protection groups, because names are visible in wizard. When disk is added, you will be able disk in MABS management blade.

Next step is adding Hyper-V server as a source server for backing up virtual machines. In same management blade, you need to click on Production Servers and follow wizard.

If you want to backup virtual machines from Hyper-V server or any other single physical Windows Server, you need to select Windows Server option, and MABS agent will be installed. For backing up VMware workload, select other option.

On this step, you will be able to see all domain joined machines. Select desired virtual machine(s) and enter domain credentials with appropriate permissions to install agent.

Once you have successfully installed agent, you can start with configuring protection groups.


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