Few days ago, I received call from client which had a problem with fetching emails to his gmail account from Exchange 2013. Gmail for that purpose using POP3 protocol, and my troubleshooting started. I created POP3 account in Outlook, Thunderbird, mobile devices, and every time my account is synchronized successfully. But the client still had a problems, so troubleshooting should be continued. I tried rebooting and resetting POP3 setting on server and his mailbox, but still without success.

Finally, after few hours of intensive searching, problem solved. On one of CAS servers (client have 2xCAS and 2xMBX in Exchange infrastructure), Exchange Server component PopProxy was in inactive state. You can check Exchange Server components with PS command Get-ServerComponentState -Identity “ServerName”. Output will look like this.

<br />
Get-ServerComponentState -Identity EXC01

<br />
Server                      Component                  State<br />
------                      ---------                  -----<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     ServerWideOffline          Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     HubTransport               Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     FrontendTransport          Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     Monitoring                 Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     RecoveryActionsEnabled     Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     AutoDiscoverProxy          Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     ActiveSyncProxy            Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     EcpProxy                   Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     EwsProxy                   Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     ImapProxy                  Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     OabProxy                   Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     OwaProxy                   Active<br />
<strong>EXC01.tech-trainer.info     PopProxy                   Inactive</strong><br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     PushNotificationsProxy     Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     RpsProxy                   Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     RwsProxy                   Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     RpcProxy                   Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     UMCallRouter               Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     XropProxy                  Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     HttpProxyAvailabilityGroup Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     ForwardSyncDaemon          Inactive<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     ProvisioningRps            Inactive<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     MapiProxy                  Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     EdgeTransport              Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     HighAvailability           Active<br />
EXC01.tech-trainer.info     SharedCache                Active


Solution is simple. Run PS command Set-ServerComponentState -Identity EXC01 -Component PopProxy -Requester HealthAPI, and state of component will immediately change to Active. Few minutes later, client confirm that everything is OK, and he can fetch mail again to his Gmail account.

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