Database portability is a feature that enables an Exchange Server mailbox database to be moved to or mounted on any other Mailbox server in the same organization, provided the target Mailbox server has databases with the same database schema version. You might be wondering why this is necessary, but I had a few cases where the servers were corrupted, but the Exchange databases were “healthy“.  Estimated time for completing this task is less than 15 minutes (time needed for moving database files not included in estimation).

Scenario with “dead” old server, where you have database files:

  • On new Exchange server NewEXC, create new mailbox database NewDB01 and mount database;
  • Dismount the NewDB01;
  • Clear .edb, transaction logs and and Check point Files ( *.Chk). for NewDB01;
  • Copy the OldDB.edb to NewEXC on same location where is created NewDB01;
  • Rename OldDB.edb to NewDB01.edb;
  • Run command Set-MailboxDatabase OldDB -AllowFileRestore:$true
  • Mount NewDB01 database
  • Run command Get-Mailbox –Database OldDB | Set-Mailbox –Database NewDB01 and select “Y” for single mailbox or “A” for all mailboxes on prompt screen.


After completing this steps, all mailboxes will be accessible again 🙂


! ! ! Note: Please save copy the latest database file to avoid any data loss or perform this after taking full backup. ! ! !


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